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Our Team.

Basswood Builders specializes in sustainable design and construction. As a design/build company we are able to streamline projects through increased collaboration and communication leading to more efficient project completion. 

Katja Sienkiewicz

I started out working for a design/build company as a designer/project manager early in my career. While raising my four children, work outside the home became impractical, so my creative energies were channeled into building smaller things like shelters for our many farm animals, furniture, a tree house (with my two younger kids) and a boat (with my son when he was 12).  Now, through my company Basswood Builders, I am able to share my passion for sustainable construction and healthy living environments with my clients.


Jana Sienkiewicz

Jana loves all things creative and has been building and creating from a young age. Jana hopes to renovate an old mill building one day. Besides woodworking, Jana loves photography, kayaking, traveling, playing guitar, soccer and basketball. Jana is currently a student of life and graduated from High Mowing School.

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